Homes are where a lot of people live. It means a lot to lots of people, especially people who don’t have a home like homeless people. Homes can be shelters, dens, nests and other things that animals and people live in. Some homeless people sleep in bushes and some don’t. Most people have homes but some don't. Some homeless people beg for money because they need food and water. Homes have some rooms and some don’t have many rooms. Some have two bedrooms, four bedrooms, three bedrooms and some might have one bedroom. My home does not have many rooms. It has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one basement. In the basement there is like a little room under the stairs. My mom tries to keep the house warm but some cold air is coming from under the coach. I have one pet at home. It is a cat and his name is Moe. He has kidney failure so that is why I was not in online class for a few days. My mom and I are trying to spend our last time with him. He has like two days to live. I don’t think that my cat will live till Christmas. Home can mean a lot of things like love, shelter, family and not just a building. This is what home means to me love, family and pretty much everything. If homeless people get homes they would probably be so happy and glad to have a home. My nan donated 5 or 10$ to the Christmas angels. I live with my mom and my cat. My mom has black hair, my cat is orange, my dad has dark brown hair and there is a filter on Tiktok that can change your hair color and I put golden brown tint on and when I took the filter off the hair color did not change. At the end of some of my hair there is a little bit of blonde and I don’t know why but it reminds me of bread. Me and my family always celebrate holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and remembrance day. On remembrance day me and my mom stand for 1 minute of silence at 11:00. On Halloween me and my mom go all around Windsor for candy. On Christmas I get a lot of presents and other stuff. This year on Christmas I got a fidget box with like 21 fidgets in it, a magic carpet, two 50$ amazon gift cards, a machine that makes cotton candy and a lot more. My cat is a part of the family but he only has like one, two or three weeks to live. My cat used to play a lot and when I was not born or a baby my cat used to kill birds and hide them under the steps. Also one time my cat brought a bird into the house like maybe about 5 months after we moved in. My cat’s legs hurt because he is in pain and he’s old. I was born in Calgary, Alberta and I always visited my dad there. Then when I was three I moved to Windsor Nova Scotia and we first lived in a junky old apartment for about one year then moved to a different apartment where I live now. I wanna move back to Alberta some day when I’m older. I live by a graveyard and don’t really have much of a yard. I like where my home is because some of my friends from school live on my street. I don’t go outside at my home because I always play with Alayna on Roblox. Sometimes when Alayna is offline I usually watch TikTok or watch tv.


Grade 4

Windsor, Nova Scotia

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