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The Meaning of Home

Home is Family. Home is Pizza. Home is Cheese. Home is family. My family is always waiting for me when I come home from school to say “How was your day at school today?”. They are always there to encourage me, especially my mom. She is always there to help me. I can tell her secrets that she will never tell anyone. I trust everyone in my home. Home is Pizza. Pizza is our go to dinner every Friday night. My dad makes the best pizza ever. It's so good I could have it everyday, if I was allowed (sadly I’m not allowed). He even makes homemade dough, so it tastes even better. I love my dad…and his pizza. Home is cheese. Cheese is my dog's best friend, she loves cheese. For example, early one morning, my dad was opening a pack of cheese really quietly, and my Golden Retriever, Mia came running down the stairs into the kitchen to beg for some tasty orange cheese. She would not stop until she got some from my dad. I love cheese too. Cheese makes me feel at home. Love is something we all have, hope is something we all have. If you are looking for both, keep looking because I know you can find it, I know you can because I find it everyday in my home with family, pizza and cheese.


Grade 5

Pincourt, Quebec

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