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The Meaning of Home

Home is always warm. Home is bright. Home is relaxing on my cozy couch. Firstly, home is warm. Home is warm because I just love the feeling of being warm, cozy and comfortable. Having my grandma make my favorite Italian soup, called Pastina, is the best. She makes it in a special way just how I like it, with noodles and chicken broth. My pit bull, Mikey cuddles with me keeping me warm. Watching a movie on the couch with fluffy blankets keeps me warm. My home is warm. Secondly, my home is bright. Seeing my family's morning eyes brighten my day. Home is bright eyes. Opening the curtains in the morning and having the sun brighten my room up makes me feel calm. Sitting on the couch and reading a book with my desk lamp guides me through my book. My home is always bright. Finally, home is relaxing on the couch, my home is just like that, reading a book on the couch and my cute dog cuddling with me in the blanket. Taking naps, coloring mandalas, watching TV. Home is relaxing on my cozy couch. A home is loving because everyone in my family loves each other! Just a hug would make my day.


Grade 5

Pincourt, Quebec

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