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The Meaning of Home

The little things in my home are what really matter to me. Alone, they don’t amount to much, but together they make up my home. My home is where I know I am safe. My home is where I feel the happiest. My home is a warm and comfortable place. My home is a place where I feel safe with my family. I have a durable roof over my head to be safe from anything outside that could harm anyone I love. It would hurt me so much if I were to lose something in my home. My ukulele, all of my books, or my stuffed animals. Even if it was just something like all the plants in my house, that would make me feel terrible, because my mom loves plants. My home is where I feel happy. I get to be around everything and everyone I love. I can relax with my adorable cats, watch my favourite movie, with my favourite snacks, or read a book. Personally, my favourite books are the Harry Potter series. Specifically the fourth one, called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The book is super exciting. My home is the most warm and comfortable place I know of. Let’s say I had just come inside from the cold. I could make myself some hot chocolate and sit by the fire. If I happened to be sick, or even just exhausted from playing outside, I could curl up into my cozy bed with my cats. I couldn’t ask for a better home to live in, I’m so thankful for it. It’s a safe, comfortable place that makes me feel happy, even just the little things in it. It has everything I need, which makes it a perfect home for me.


Grade 5

Pincourt, Quebec

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