The Meaning of Home

The meaning of a home. A safe place. Where you can be yourself and enjoy yourself. A home is where you live. A home is a sweet home. A home is where you eat chicken wings or have some delicious croissants with your family. And watch movies with your family. And build stuff with your family. Like lego! A home is where you sleep. It's where you play too! It's where you have fun with your friends too. like play hide and seek. Some other houses may look different than yours. They may look tall. Or short. They even may have one floor. Or two. Or even three! There are windows to look out through. A door to open and close. Some houses may be coloured different colors. Your home keeps you safe from things. Like away from strangers. Your home is strong. It keeps you warm. My home is in my heart and will always be. My family is with me everytime i enter my home. My home will always be safe with me and by siblings and my parents. We will always watch a movie every friday night with Pizza or Tacos. My home is my home. And That Is My meaning of home.


Grade 5

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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