Meaning Of Home

There is no better place than home. When I come home from school, I hear cats meowing and people talking even sometimes the TV playing, But no very loud. When I walk thru through the door I am greeted with a hug and my parents asking " How was your day at school?". I always reply " It was very good". The scent that I smell is Lavender and birthday cake candles, It smells so good. Sometimes I even smell vanilla Yum Yum. I feel comfort and warm also I feel loved. I feel loved alot by my parents, cats also my brother Brayden he is kinda loud. As well I feel excitement plus happiness. Sometimes I am not having the best day like I am tired, So I go to my bed and try to have a nap or a rest maybe even try to fall asleep. At my house we are kind and make each other feel welcomed and happy. That is what we do inside of my house. We make everybody welcomed. When people come inside we help them. Most of the time I am very happy, Pretty much all the time. It is true there is better place than home.


Grade 4

Saint John, New Brunswick

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