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Did you know some dogs are protectors? My dog Cheeko barks at cars, people, other dogs and other animals. Cheeko is like our security dog and keeps our house safe. One time, at 4 o'clock in the morning, Cheeko was barking. I was still in bed but he got louder so I ran to Cheeko to see what was wrong. I looked out the window and all I saw was a car passing by. We still tell him he is a good boy when this happens so he knows to warn us again next time, even if it's just a friend or garbage bin blowing in the wind. My home is a loving home because I always have someone to support me. I always have someone there to spend time with and family to take care of me and my siblings. Some people are really lucky they have a home because that is where you can be yourself. When I do what I want to do, I do what I do best, dance! When I dance, my family will copy my silly moves and I will copy theirs too. They think I am hilarious with my jokes and dance moves. My home is a happy place because if I have a bad day, my family are the ones I feel comfortable talking to. Even if it's good news or bad news, I still tell them. I feel everybody needs a family to talk to or to love and that is what home means to me.


Grade 4

Saint John, New Brunswick

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