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A Place to Be

My home is where my family lives. My family helps me when I need help. They answer my questions. We play and have fun. My Mom makes us delicious food. My Dad teaches me new skills. My Brother Aarnav and I like to play together. My home has a Nintendo Switch. And it is connected to a TV. It is where I watch You Tube and play video games. My home has a kitchen where tasty food is made. My parents make the food. It is delicious. It is a place to be. My home has toys, I have lego blocks two stuffy a dinosaur and a lot more boxes of toys. My brother has many of the same toys as me! We keep all of our toys are in the basement. It’s a place to have fun. My home is special because of the people in it. I like spending time with them. My home is a place I want to be.


Grade 4

Brandon, Manitoba

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