What does home mean to me? Home is not just a place. Home is where you can see your family and your animals and you can be yourself. It doesn’t matter where you live or what it looks like that matters who's in it. Home is a place where you can stay warm. Some people have no place to stay. You are really lucky to have a place to stay. I am very lucky because I have two homes, my mom’s and my dad’s. I go to my dad’s every second weekend and my mom’s the rest of the time. At my dad’s I have a stepsister and a stepbrother. My step sister’s name is Vayda and my step brother’s name is Logan. We fight a lot but a few minutes later we’re ok. I have another sister named Bella. She is also very annoying but sometimes we get along. And I have two more brothers, Ethan and Coady. I barely see them but I never fight with them. At home you might have some animals that you can cuddle with and play with. I have five animals: Marley, Buddy, Corona, and Binx at my dad’s and Ginger and Spooky at my mom’s. They are so cute and sweet. Ginger meows a lot and Spooky is very chubby but he is super cute. You might also have some grandparents who visit you. I have my stepmom's mom and I call her Mimi. She is super nice and my mom and I have my mom's mom. I call her nanny and I have a great grandfather and it's my stepmom's grandfather. That's all and I love my family because they are always there for me and they are so nice!!


Grade 5

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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