I'm going to write a short story about what home means to me. Home means to you because you can spend time with your family. You can play with your siblings and have fun in the breeze. You also get to relax and watch movies and shows. You also get to sleep in when you don’t have school or your parents don’t have to work they can just sleep in. You also can stay in your pajamas all day. You can spend more time with your parents when they don’t work during the day. You can also snuggle with your pets and you also might fall asleep so watch yourself. You also can play board games with your family and friends and make sure you all have fun. You can play by yourself or with a friend. You also can help your sister or brother with their school work or anything they need help with. Another reason about why home means to you is because you can see your grandparents and family more to see them. You can also go on road trips with your family and friends. I like spending time with my family outside just as much as going on trips. You can love going on the back of the GT being towed by the snowmobile if you have one, or sledding down the big hill with crazy carpets. As you can see you can do all of these things with your family and friends. Hope you enjoy the short story I wrote for you.


Grade 5

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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