My Home 💞

“There is no place like home” L Frank Baum says I believe him because wherever I go I don’t have the same feeling as when I am in my home. That feeling is a warmth and you know you are welcomed there. Home means 4 things to me. Love, safety, family and mostly support. Without these 4 things home means nothing to me. When I am in my home I feel all of these things. Before when I was younger I used to not like a house if it was old or the design of it was really weird I used to think “ugh I don’t want to move here” but now I know that it doesn't matter if the house looks weird or it is old. It matters who’s inside it! A thing I saw when I was growing up is that a house is only made of wood and stone but the the love and family makes it a home! Home is a place where I can act like a complete fool and nobody will judge me. I am thankful for my lovely home and the people in it. ~Haasini~🥰


Grade 6

Langley, British Columbia

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