Today I am going to talk about my house when we moved here. I’m going to talk about what it looks like and what my favourite room in the house is. I will say why I feel good when I'm home. Hope you like my story. In 2018, we found this house that my mom wanted to buy. We looked inside and I did not like the look of it. It looked old, had carpet, the walls had cracks, the basement was old, the rooms were small and had wallpaper that was falling off. So we got some carpenters to renovate it. It looks way better than before. It doesn’t even feel like the same house anymore. It’s all brand new inside. In our house we have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs. We have 2 bathrooms, a wide open kitchen, dining room and living room and a big finished basement. In the summer we have a big pool and in the winter we have a rink outside. My favourite part of my house is the basement. It's big and we can play video games on our playstation 4 or 5. We have a basketball net, a basketball shooting game that we try to beat each other in. It keeps score. We have mini hockey nets and play mini sticks, we have a reading nook with lots of pillows we read our books in. I love the basement because I get more active down there then I do upstairs. I feel good at home. I get to play with all of my things and my family. I feel safe when I'm home because my mom, brother, and sister are always here. I have good sleeps because my bedroom is cool and comfy with LED lights and posters of things I like. I like when my friends get to come over to my house and play with me. Those are my three main things about my house. I like my house and where we live. When I go and look by the sidewalk at night, I can see the sunset. I hope you like my story about my house and the things I do at home. Do you think my house sounds cool?


Grade 5

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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