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The Meaning of Home

Home feels like a warm fuzzy blanket. It is very comfortable and you feel safe. Home can be a memory book of your life. If you are to move to a new house, it can only take so much time to make new memories. Home can also feel like a candle store because they have that one smell that is unique. When I think of home, I might think of my dog barking and the radio playing country music. I also think of outside my home where I have a tree fort and my pool. There might be some special people that are at your house that you get excited to see. Maybe you have some pets that you can spend time with or play with like my dog, Nala. If you have a project you are working on, then you might spend time working on that. If you are going somewhere in the morning and your parents say what you are going to have for supper, then, you can look forward to this because it will be amazing. If you think of home you might think of all of these things. This is what home means to me.


Grade 5

Stratford, Ontario

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