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What Makes my Home a Safe Place

My home is a safe place because I have support from my family, friends and my pets. Home is a place where we can have fun and make happy memories together. My home feels like a place of love because I have lots of pets and family who love me. Love at home can feel like a warm hug, belly laughs or petting soft fur. My home has happiness and celebrations with food, family and friends. At my home we have traditions and special foods on birthdays. There are rooms in my home for relaxation, playing or working. There are times when my home is very loud and noisy because I am laughing and playing. My family teaches me to be mature and not silly all the time because if you’re silly all the time you won’t have a good reputation. My family has taught me to be nice to everyone so they can feel safe too when they are in my home. My favourite thing to do at home is watch movies and eat popcorn with my family. Home is a place where I can be myself and have comfort and cuddles when I am feeling sad. When I am feeling sad or stressed, I ask for help. I get help when my family calms me down or by taking a break when I need it. My home is a place for everyone to learn, feel safe and grow together.


Grade 4

Peterborough, Ontario

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