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In my name I have a car bed I have games I have a compter. I live with my mom and dad. I have a tv. I have chicken. I have liveing basement. I have chair sofa chair. Fishes in aquarium theres water and have pictures. I have 2 dogs name Coco and Sadie. I also have two puppies Hiramand. My granpa be with me. I have grandma. I have carpets, plants. it grow big. I have lots of clothes. Oh my drawer I have color book of minions crayons, bags, my backpack. My dad fix my bed on top. Car build wheeltires. Red and blue of car its small. It donset fidet. I need new bed for my grandpa. He can lay down. I sleep together. I snor very loud. I hear a cook went I wake up i will eat rice and chicken. I like to drink juice. I'm the only child. I play with classmates. I enjoy play with Chase and Sam in the snow. I slide all together.


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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