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Why I Love My Home

Have you ever thought about what home means to you?Many people in Canada can't buy a house because they don’t have enough money to.Imagine you in your cozy bed but safe from the rain outside. In my family there is my mom , my dad and my two big brothers , grandpa and grandma and my two pets Rafa and Maui.What makes me happy is my pets , brothers and my family and spending time with my family.I love my family because they love me and they take care of me and give me a place to sleep.I love my pets because they love me and they play with me and sleep on me.I love my family because they give me food , love and a place to sleep and a place to eat and to grow.I love it when my mom and dad take me and my dog Maui to park and to play with me because we play this game to jump on the rocks in my backyard.Love to me is your family taking care of you and helping you when you need it and to pick you up when you fall or get when you get hurt.I love my mom and dad because in the summer they will take time out of there day to take me to the beach and I love to play in the sand and water.Do you like to go to the beach? I am glad to have a home because many people in Canada don’t have a home to live in so you should be glad to have one too. Home to me is family and friends and things you love like your pets or your toys. Home to me is more than a place or a thing. Home is a warm bed for when you go to sleep or someone that takes care of you and gives you food to eat.Be thankful that your mom and dad gives you a place to grow , eat , sleep , play and stay.I my life I have moved 5 times in 9 years but every time I moved I never felt away from home because now I know home is not a place it my family , friends and pets.To me and my family , home is so much more than a place or a thing. It is love , friends , pets and somewhere to play.Home is a place to rest , have fun , sleep , a place to go when you get hurt or a place to come to when you're done with school. Home is not a place but more of the people and things that bring comfort and love.It makes me sad that not everybody has a loving home or don't value the home they have.I am grateful to even have a home and to live in one.


Grade 4

Brantfrod, Ontario

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