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What Does Home Mean To Me?

To me a house is made up of walls and beams, but a home is made up of hopes and dreams. A house is just a structure in the ground, but a home is a place you feel safe, and sound. A home to me means family and memories, you can laugh, play, be creative, feel happy, sad, mad, and angry but your family is always there for you no matter what. A house is where you live but a home is more than that it is a place where you can express yourself and be whoever you want to be. You can make friends and play with your pets, but if you move houses, you still have all your memories because a home is your family that is what makes a house a home. Everybody deserves access to a safe affordable house because everybody deserves a place where they can live and be happy. I hope this paper gets to build a home for someone to live in and make the house into a home so that they can be as fortunate as I am today doing this for you.


Grade 6

Chateauguay, Quebec

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