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What home means to me Home means that you are with your loved ones and that you will never be alone because there is always someone there for you and it makes you feel loved and safe and home gives me shelter when it's a rainy day your home will keep you warm and you have someone taking care of you when your sick. I like my home because i'm warm and i have a bed to sleep in and I have things to do and I have my dogs and my cat so when i'm alone i have something to do but i also have my family,books and TV WHY EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A HOME I think everyone should have a home because some people have to sleep outside in the cold and even in winter and rainy day and I feel bad because everyone deserves a home so they can feel safe and warm and they have no one to be taking care of and no one to talk to because you are alone and no one deserves to be alone or sad everyone shouldn't be sad and alone everyone should be happy and safe because being out in the cold is bad because you can get sick but its really bad to be sick now because of covid.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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