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What Does Home Mean to Me

A house is empty but a home is filled with people who give it love. A house is not filled with any thing but empty ness. A home is something where people feel safe, loved, and happy. In my home, we have nice people like my parents, my siblings and my pets. These people make me feel safe. Home is a place to rest, my bed is my favorite place to be. In my home we have a lot of fun stuff to do, we have games you can play, like my Xbox or fetch with our pets. My home is nice and fun and people can stay here for as long as they want. I own a nice beige home with a nice garage, my house is full of love and affection and some nice colors inside. My house is filled with me, my parents and my sisters. Home is where you can feel safe, loved, and okay. Home is a place where you can be happy, have fun and play. Home is a place to think clearly and unwind from everything. This is a place where you can to be yourself, home is a place where you talk about your problems and get help. Home is the best and most fun thing to me, but other people might not like home because of some problems with there family or they just don’t like being at home. I like my home being next to my friends and cousins house, because I get to go outside and there always outside so I have a lot of fun with them. Everyone around me makes me feel happy, the people around me make me feel safe and loved. There always there for me. The other thing that makes me feel safe and loved is my pets, I have 2 dogs a cat and a hamster. They make me feel loved by playing with me day and day, I also like playing with them day and day. All in all home is favorite place to stay because I feel my emotions. I love everyone in my home.


Grade 6

Chateauguay, Quebec

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