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What Does Home Mean?

Home is a place to relax. Some where you don’t freak out. It’s a calm place to talk with the ones you love the most. No one should feel bad saying something that they think. Home is a hard word to understand but once you understand you will know what home is. Home doesn’t need four walls. Home is a feeling you have but some do not understand. Home is not how big it is or how much money it costs. It’s the one thing that only some will ever feel but that all should experience. My home might be bigger than some. But I know that there’s bigger. The bigger the better right? No that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the ones you love and that care for you the most. It’s about the memories that it makes and the nice feeling you will have. Home is not a building that some has made but it’s the people in your house that make it a home. There is one thing that not everyone won’t feel and that is home the place that I cherish the most. My home was once a great big house but now it’s a home. My family and my uncle’s family wanted to make another house a cottage. The cottage has let us fly free like a bird and do what ever our heart desires. Our cottage is not big, and some may think it’s to small but to me it’s a home. We have hade tones of adventures, like the dragon attack of 2018 or the witch’s spell of rain over the islands.my personal favorite was the adventure in the next door hunted house. Some people don’t like to do stuff in their house. My family personally has a family game night. Where we all get our favorite game uker. It’s a card game, it’s a lot of fun. Not a lot of families get to play card games. But I think that all should. At first, I did not think that this was a real thing. I thought that it was like a made-up thing that the teacher was making up. But after I looked it up, I saw that it was real. And now I want to learn more about this and maybe donate money. I really hope that this company can help a lot of families in need. There are too many homeless people, so we should try to help those people.


Grade 6

Chateauguay, Quebec

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