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Home - The Roof of Humanity

Home is a place that takes up no space Home is what you embrace, a place of grace Home is not a house do not doubt Let me tell you how A house can be built A home cannot A house can be broken A home stays strong Houses are physical Homes are spiritual Homes are a place of love A home is love A home is light A home makes the world seem bright Homes are joy Homes are great Home is where you can laugh and take everything off your plate A home is essential A home is a right Everyone should have a home Do you have a home? If so great, but millions of people don't have any type of place Nowhere to call home How unfortunate indeed Lets come together And help people in need Give them a home A place to be free That's what we’ll do Oh yes sir indeed Helping those in need Is not an ordinary deed It will take a lot of effort Hard work and no time for desert Let’s hold our hands together In this rough time Let’s come under the one roof We all stay under at the same time The roof of humanity


Grade 5

Scarborough, Ontario

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