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Meaning of Home

Home is a place where a can feel safe. No mater how big or small I always feel all the love. Home to me is not about stuff. To me home is my mom and dad, because we can get through any obstacle. My home started with my parents And 2 dogs + a cat. October 4th 2011 Was my parents most important day ever, I was born. I’ve laugh l’ve cried. I love my home. And you should love yours. I’ve lived in this home my hole life. If I fell cold I can count on my home To keep me warm. I’m lucky that I have a place to stay. Because not everyone has one. All I know is that I love my home And I hope as the years go by The love grows stronger. If you don’t live in a home It doesn’t matter if you have shelter That’s home. I think every home is beautiful. If you don’t have shelter or a home I’m deeply sorry. Bye everyone and good luck!!!!


Grade 5

Brandford, Ontario

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