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Home Is a Feeling

Home is a Feeling By Leah wiatowski Home is a place where you feel happy, cozy, warm, comfortable, and loved. Not sad or uncomfortable. People think or say that a home is just a door and four brick walls but…. it is not. It is way more than that. Home is a feeling. People might not think that, but it is true. You are supposed to make memories, you are supposed to share feelings, have friends and raise a family. Right now, people need a home. Home is wonderful, and what makes it wonderful is being with my family and playing in my house, playing with my two brothers and my twin sister. But people right now do not have that feeling of coziness. So therefore, I am writing this to get people a home. I love to make memories in my house like in pictures or anywhere in my house, really. The point is people do not have one single bit of that. I bet you they would love to raise a family. They would love to make memories. They want to, but they can’t. So, when we help them, they will feel touched and thankful. For me, a home is a feeling. In many ways you or someone else can think a different feeling as me but that is okay. So, the whole entire point of this speech is people need a home, a place. If we can make that happen, wouldn’t that be awesome!!!? My last point is, well, in the title, a home is a feeling. My home is very special to me.


Grade 5

Brantford, Ontario

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