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Meaning of Home

Hi my name is Amy and I am going to be talking about a special thing and that thing is home. Home is a thing that you live in with your family not your toys or other things.A home is something that you stay in and sleep in. Also, a home is full of kind and joyful. It is a colourful home full of colours and pets. A home is somewhere where you feel safe with your family. When covid came, home was somewhere I felt safe in. But home wasn't just for me it was for everyone around me. Home is for people that are poor and those who don’t have money. Give some money to the poor that are on the streets that need a home or shelter to stay in. Home is somewhere were you live in and eat in. Home is a warm place to stay in and cuddle in with your family. People who don’t have a home share with them and welcome them in and let them stay in there for a while. Don’t just kick them out and not include them in and be rude, include them and be nice to them like our family. People who don’t have a family let them join. So you see home isn't just your home it is everybody home not just yours.


Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

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