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Signs of Home

Houses and homes, two different things, But what they do mean is unforeseen A home can be a place of happiness and laughter, Or a place of peace, all heading in their paths, together A house is a building, you can find it anywhere, But a true home is rare, to find one you must search, Though a house can be made through work and dedication, Homes are formed with love, care, and laughter A home does not need to be a building, A home is simply the place where family or friends come, Where people smile with joy, And laughter is a common sound Though not all have homes, It may be just a house, Or not one at all, These people deserve the same as us all So whoever may see this, I hope you care, For every person should be loved like all the rest, For some without homes do not know the feeling of support We as a whole, We can change this, Bring support to people who do not know it, And love and care for all


Grade 5

Calgary, Alberta

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