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You are home

You are home By Sage Murphy Home is more than just a building, home is the things inside of it. The living room is way more than just a room full of furniture, it’s where you and your family have fun watching movies and hang out. Home is where your family and pets are. When you walk in each day you hear your pet coming to say hi, you smell dinner cooking, you see your siblings playing, and you feel happy and warm inside. When you have a bad day, your parents are always there to give a hug. Home is the best. It is where you can do art, a puzzle, or you can have some time to yourself. It’s where you can let out all your feelings. Home is where you’re safe. It’s where you can do almost anything you want to. Your house isn’t a home until you move into it. Home is you and your family and all the things you do with them. Home is the memories you make. Home is wherever you are. You are home.


Grade 4

Watson Lake, Yukon

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