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Home is sweet memories

Home is my beautiful memories, I grew up in it and my dreams and wishes grew, home is the place of plans for the next outing Home is stability, security and warmth, I remember when my mother was pregnant and how my father tried to be our cook and choose delicious foods for us to help my mother and when my mother was born, how we welcomed the newborn and everything was prepared for him before he was born Everywhere in the house I have a story, a memory and a laugh I was waiting for my dad to come home after he finished work to tell me a story while we were at the dinner table, my dad has wise and sometimes funny stories. I hope everyone has a warm home and parents that sacrifice so that their children can grow up and learn like my parents. The home is the most important thing in life, because in it the personality of the individual is formed, and his memories and dreams remain, and the moments that the individual spent at home will never be forgotten.


Grade 5

Waterloo, Ontario

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