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Me and my family were having dinner at the dinner table. We heard on the news that the sky is slowly turning red. But we didn't care so we continued eating. Soon my mom and dad were going because they got a call from work, so I invited my friend over. We played a game called Apocalypse. The game starts up then we see that we are on a mountain with a gas mask on. I see a black figure approaching. Therefore we got scared and closed the game. Me and my friend wanted to see outside because the sky was still red. Then the house exploded because people in the basement were putting S4!. They had black markings on there face, I ran with my friend but then someone pulled my friend back into the shadows. I had no choice but to run. Soon I was safe so I ran some more but I stop because there was gas everywhere so I needed a gas mask. Otherwise I would have to stay were I am now, I got to the store without getting close to the gas. There were people fighting in the store I had to crouch down and run at the same time to get pas by them. Scared I ran as fast as I can to grab the gas mask and go outside without anyone seeing me. I made it out safely and I was on a mountain. Just like in the game, also there was a black figure. I was going to run because she or he told me to stop. It was my dad and my mom. They told me that they were the ones that put the S4 in the house. They made this apocalypse happen. But why, it was because the police were looking for them . . . A building was about to fall on me but I moved and it fell on my mom and dad. I was so sad I needed revenged. 15 years later . . . I would go to building's and put S4 in it but soon I realized that putting S4 in building's won't make my family come back. So I stopped. But then someone pushed my in a lake I could not get out, so I downed. . . It was my friend that pushed me in the lake. THE END


Grade 5

Waterloo, Ontario

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