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My Home My Safe Place

Home means to me a place where I can be my extraordinary self. I am free to laugh and play. Home is a wonderful place to be safe and cozy. Every night I could sleep in my comfy bed. I am fortunate to have a place to stay every day. It's a place to spend time with your family and friends. My home is a place where I can be calm and relaxed. I am lucky to have a roof over my head and walls around me. Whenever I have a bad day, I know that my house is here to keep me safe. My house is full of colors. When I walk in my room, happiness fills the air. I don't have to worry about tomorrow living on the streets and not having food to eat. I think everyone should have a roof over their head and walls around them. Donating helps the unfortunate people who don't have homes. Habitat for Humanity is a charity for all. They bring communities together and change lives for the better. They help families build strength and stability by giving them affordable houses. Today is the day to make a donation as little as $10 to $1’000. Your donation can help support families across Canada. So help those in need.


Grade 5

Nobleton, Ontario

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