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My Home

I walk down the path to my front door, The door that leads to my home. Inside my home there are more than four walls and a roof. They are protection. Protecting me from whatever I need them to. The structure that holds up my house, has been built with love, warmth, friendship and faith. All of this comes from the heart of the house, one that is full of love, and memories. As I reach the door, I pull out my key. I unlock the door with such glee. I turn the door handle with such love. I walk through the door, that I have walked through many times before. I take in the feeling of being home. The feeling of being home is like someone telling you that everything is alright. The feeling of being home is like someone wrapping you in a hug. The feeling of being home is just unexplainable! As I step into the house I feel all of my fears wash away, And all of my tears dry up. I hear the familiar voices of the people that I love, Coming to greet me at the door. I get in the door and I say hi, To the same people that have been there to greet me many times before. The same family that makes the heart of this house, Where all of the things piece together, Where all of the love, Makes you so happy. Where everything is ok. Where I can be who I want. Where I can dream big. Where I can believe. Where I can feel the feelings that I need to feel. Where I can always rely on someone. Where I can do anything. Home is not where the house is. Home is where the heart lives.


Grade 5

Merlin, Ontario

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