Grade 6

North Battleford,

What home means to me

Home is a place,
To keep me safe.
A home is a shelter,
A place where we can be together.
At home we are safe forever,
Cherishing all are memories we’ve made together!

At my home, I can lay my head,
On a fluffy pillow in my bed.
My home is a place that I love to stay.
My home will never lead me astray.
Like the sun, its joyful loving rays,
Make me want to never go away!

My home is filled with love and care,
Something every family has to share.
The love we have
Is far beyond compare.

So with that said,
I will never ever dread
Going back home maybe even just to go to bed.
Because I know that I will never,
Ever, ever be alone.
At my sweet, caring, loving home.

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