Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What is a home?

Home is a place where can make a difference, it’s a place where people love and support you. Home is for you to stay when your sick, it’s a place for you to call if you’re hurt. Home is a very important place to be appreciated for who you are and your talents. It’s a place to make memories you’ll never forget. It’s a place where your family supports you to try and try again and again.

Home is a place where you can tell your sad, happy, or even angry feelings. Home is where your family tries their best for you. Home is a place to tell the truth, and teach your siblings right from wrong. Home is a place for snuggles and hugs and watching movies on Friday nights. It’s a place to snuggle up and sleep and get cuddles before day light. Home is humble and sweet and cozy like a blanket.

Why is home so important? Home is important because when your home you feel safe and calm and let your feelings go, and let your sad thoughts out and let your happy thoughts flow. You learn to be nice and talk about life when your not too happy about something like a divorce. A sweet family to count on when your feeling blue. Home is a special place in your heart.

To me the most important thing about home is that at home anyone can be anything! And I hope that we can raise enough money that Habitat for Humanity can raise enough money to make at least 5 more houses for 5 special people and families! Good luck!

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