Grade 6


The Meaning of home

A home, a house. For me, a home is where I feel happy, rested and comfortable. You know you are in your place when many people love and appreciate you for who you are, not who you want to become, and you remain yourself. It’s a place you view as your home. For example, I find that school is my second home, with fantastic friends, whereas at home, I’m surrounded by an extraordinary family. When you’re unhappy, you know you have somewhere to go. It’s always a pleasant space. It can even be a specific place like your bedroom, your own little corner or even the spacious living room. I like to watch the blue waves rushing up the shore, and then slowly withdrawing. The stars shining and twinkling at night, lighting up the sky. We know that home protects us from all the harm that could possibly happen. It’s not only a dwelling, it’s a place for relationships. I feel comfortable in this environment and with the people around me. It’s a quiet place. Knowing that people are there for me, it makes no difference if I live in a shack or a mansion. As long as I have my family, I will feel good. I believe that home is your Heart. When I hear the word “home”, I think of the freedom to play and express my opinion. Today, everyone can make a difference, even children! Hands build houses, but a family builds a home.

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