Grade 4


The meaning of home

I have lived in four homes, ONE OF WHICH WAS LIKE A DUMP!
The of the houses I lived in was the dump house, then my parents
Broke up, then my dad moved to a small, but nice apartment building.
Then I went between the dump house and the apartment building.
Then something happened the Thursday my hamster died, it
It was the day I almost died its… my mom tried to kill me it’s a little
Bloody for this paragraph so I’m not going to write it down.
The next morning, I woke up in a hospital bed
It was like a home the time I was there everyone was nice I was
Treated well there. I am just glad I am still alive to this day.
When I left the hospital, I was happy that we moved into the small apartment building with my dad
I was really angry at my mom for what she did to me
Even to this day I am angry at her.
Eventually we moved into a bigger apartment
It was way better there then in the last ones, and now I live in a home were there
Is anger, happiness, sadness and laughs.
I live with my dog and I have a step mom named Danielle and through that process
I learned that the true meaning of home
Is sadness, anger, love, happiness and the most important of all, family.

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