Grade 6


The meaning of home

I was born
A February storm raging,
Frost tickling my little nose,
I get home for the first time.
I am interested by the old paintings,
The huge lamp shining,
All is so new.
Even if it’s beautiful,
I feel overwhelmed.
But when my parents smile at me,
I feel at home.

I’m back from kindergarten,
Without a friend in the world.
It’s raining hard,
A fall wind is blowing,
I am crying the whole way.
I’m running to my home,
In my parent’s arms.
Through my blurred vision,
I see them smiling at me.
I feel at home.

I’m moving
I’m leaving home,
For another place.
All will change.
A new chapter begins in my life.
When I look at my former dwelling,
I see the old paintings I took interest in,
The huge lamp that shone,
I see my whole past behind me.
Suddenly, I feel an arm around me,
I see my parents smiling at me.
I feel at home.

The heavy bells are ringing,
The fragrance of flowers is everywhere,
It’s the wedding I always saw in my dreams.
It’s the most beautiful day of my life.
I hear my loved ones crying with joy,
I hear musicians playing a tune,
All is perfect.
Looking up, I see my husband,
The love of my life.
We stare and he smiles at me,
I feel at home.

It’s a sunny day,
And I’m in the car.
All along the way, I think of my childhood,
Because today is a special day.
Today I became a mommy.
The emotions I feel now are incredible.
I gaze at my small miracle.
I can only imagine what she’s thinking now.
The car stops, we step out.
When I open the door to our home,
I see her pretty pink lips smiling at me,
I feel at home.

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