Grade 6


My home

At the end of the day, I reach my home,
and suddenly I don’t feel alone.
Even though there is nobody there,
I feel the presence of family in the air.
A house can come new or old,
but I feel the warmth that takes away the cold.
Many people have different ideas of home,
apartments, condos, tents and town-homes.
Some people are not granted the things that i have,
they are the homeless and that makes me sad.
Many people have more than one home,
many people live alone.
It is stormy when I hear the thunder,
but I am safe with the roof i am under.
This is where we celebrate,
this is where we love and hate.
In my home I am open,
in my home I am free.
In my home I am safe,
my home is now part of the family.

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