Grade 6


Meaning of home

As I enter my home, I am welcomed by the aromatic scent of mom’s cooking. There are rooms full of laughter. For many, home means the coziness of a warm bed on a chilly night. Home is a place where memories are made, dreams are created, and hopes are shared with family. When I hear of home, it does not mean a specific place because it’s simply a space where you feel comfortable, secure, and untroubled. Home doesn’t need to be large or spacious, just enough to let anyone have big dreams. It is a place where you turn dreams into reality, hopes into plans, and it is timeless because we fill the time up with creations and ideas. Home is where we learn about morals, the differences are between easy and right, and where we learn, create, and find ourselves. A home is where we discover new things and make great memories with our loved ones. Home is where our imagination runs free, our nights are hectic with fun, and our days are filled with exploration. This is where we all begin and end our days, a place with happiness, warmth, and endless dreams.

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