Grade 5


Meaning of home

A few days ago, I was walking to my friends house when I came across a for sale sign posted on the lawn of a house a few doors down. I don’t see a lot of houses for sale around my school. It’s a great neighbourhood and not many people want to leave. That’s what my mom says. Almost all of my friends live close to our school and can walk to each other’s house. I guess that’s pretty normal for most people. But to me – they’re really lucky. When you’re a kid, you wish and pray for things that seem like only a dream, I don’t know about any other kid, but I usually think that if only God would grant a few of my big wishes, my life would be perfect and I would have everything I ever needed. Sometimes I get really angry, because the things I wish for, I think are simple and most other people already have so why can’t I? I live across town with my mom and I ride the bus home. It takes me about an hour on the bus and then around 15 minutes walking after that. I’m used to it by now but by the time I get home I’m pretty tired. I try not to complain to myself. I am lucky to go to a really great school. I have awesome friends and classmates and the teachers are really caring people. Even when I’m in trouble, I know they care about me. I think it is worth all the time I spend to get home because I still get to be a St Mark’s student. And I’m proud of that.
Some of my friends have swimming pools and big backyards with fire pits and lots of space in their house with tv’s and video games in their bedrooms and even sometimes their own bathrooms! A lot of them live so close that they can see into each other’s backyards. I can’t imagine ever being bored or unhappy living in the houses that most of my friends live in. So much space and so many fun things to play with. Even their garage’s are full of bikes and scooters and all sorts of outside stuff like camping and fishing gear and water guns and all the sport equipment and toys you could imagine. Anyways, that got me thinking “what’s the difference between a house and a home”.

Home to me is a place where you grow up from a child to a teenager to a adult. It’s a place where you experience all your first things like first day at school, first birthday, first loss, first love and a whole bunch of other first things. It’s a place where your parents take care of you, love you,and protect you. It’s Where you come to on a bad day and learn valuable life lessons.

Home to me is a place where you can express yourself and find happiness in the darkest of your days. It’s a place where you can scream and shout and let it all out. It’s a place where no one can judge based on how you feel and act. It’s a place where you can grow up to be anything you want and find relationships with others.

Home to me is a place where you enjoy the both little and big things that happen in child and adolescent years. Little things like when your mom makes your favourite meal on a bad day to big things like turning 10 years old and a whole bunch of other things that are both little and big. It’s a place where you can celebrate birthday parties or mourn lost loved ones. It’s a place where you go to sleep and wake up and not have to worry about big things but only little things.

There are a whole bunch of other things I could write that separate a house from a home but to put it all into 1 sentence, home is a much bigger and better place than a house. Home is where your family is and is not just where you live. Home is full of love, care, patience, and kindness and not just about materialism because you could live in a crammed in 1 bedroom shack to a big beautiful mansion and you could have tiny cot to sleep on or a big king sized bed but as long as both your family and love are there, then wherever you live is a home.

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