Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

Home is my happy place

Home is where my family is,
Home is where the fun begins,
Home is where I learned to crawl,
Home is where I stand up tall,
Home is where I like to sleep,
Home is where I like to eat,
Home is where my parrot learned to fly,
Home is where I like to try,
Home is a place some may not have,
Home is a place i’m grateful to have,
Home is a place some really need,
Home is where I love to be,
Home has dads, moms sisters and brothers,
Home is a place we can give to others,
Others need a home too,
Together we can make that dream come true,
If you help just like me,
You can change lives, just wait and see,
Let’s start now the sooner the better,
Lets see those smiles, what a pleasure,
Sadness and despair is what people feel,
The ones without homes it’s sad that it’s real,
If you help now families will be saved,
Happiness is what you will have made,
Go now make someone’s day,
Home is my happy place!!!

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