The meaning of home

Home to me is a place that you can go to when you have had a bad day and let your emotions out. When you walk into your home after a long day it feels like a weight is being lifted off of your shoulders. It is a place where you will always feel wanted and special. A place where you can always be yourself without a worry. Home holds memories that will never be forgotten. It is where you learned how to walk and talk. It is a place to get away from all of the bullies in the world and be with the nice people that care about you. Home is a place where forgiving is always easy and trust is natural. I think that everyone should have a home because everyone deserves to have a place where they can go when they are happy or sad. Everyone should have a safe place to go. Everyone deserves a place to feel trusted and have trust in everyone to be loved. A place where they can go to make and remember memories. That is the meaning of home to me.

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