Grade 6



Your home is a special place to you. Your home is where your heart is,
when there is love in your home, there is joy that fills your soul. There is no other
place like home. It is like an exploding balloon, it fills up with joy and then
ka-boom. Your home is a wonderful place for you.

Home smells like cookies and everything sweet, where you can yell out
your darkest secret and no one would care. It’s where you can lay on the floor
and doze off into a dream. You make lots of memories, like your first steps, to
winning your first card game, having your birthday. Home is like everything you
dreamed a home would be.

When you’re home you can forget about everything and pause life.
You can relax and finally breathe. I don’t know what I would do without
a place called home.

Your home is an awesome place to have fun, and make memories with
your family. My family means everything to me. My best memories are the ones I
made with my family. Your home can bring everyone together, that is why your
home is a perfect place to be.

My home is my most treasured place, that I will always hold close to my
heart. My family makes my home most complete. I am grateful that I will always
have a place to call home.

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