Grade 5

British Columbia


Home is a place where you can feel
comfortable like on a weekend morning when you
lay in bed or maybe when you sit on the
couch and watch a movie. Even sitting near
the fireplace drinking hot coco is nice.

Home is also a place where families join
together for dinners or Holiday feasts like
Christmas, Thanksgiving and maybe even
Halloween. Most of my relatives come over for
dinner and sometimes I go to their house.

My home is where I can feel safe as
well as have fun. My friends like to
play on my swings in my backyard. Sometimes
we have barbeques outside and we play ladder
toss with friends.

Last but not least, my home is a place
where I can feel loved. Love means that they
care for you, they make you feel you belong,
they stand up for you and they’re not
mean to you, and that’s what home means to me.

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