Grade 5

British Columbia


Home to me means a place where peace comes reality,
love can grow freely, and empathy is the way of comfort.
A little bit of myself will always be at home no matter where I go.
When I leave home I’ll always know the way back home.

Home is where I can cry or laugh freely,
I can sing and dance whenever I want in this wonderful place called home.
One day I’ll experience pain and heartbreak
and the next day I’ll experience the best day of my life.

When people come together to make a difference
and feel love and compassion for one another, that’s what home means to me.
My heart swells with pride to be able to have that sort of belonging.
Not very many people get that sort of feeling.

I’m honored to be able to help those people who don’t have that warm feeling.
Home should be a place filled with joy and laughter.
I hope that everyone can have a home where they can experience joy.


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