Challenge your students to make a difference

This Fall, challenge your students to make a difference. Teach them to become engaged, compassionate citizens and learn about the Importance of Community – all while meeting your curriculum requirements.

As you know, one of the key elements of language learning is to interact and connect with individuals.

Here’s how the writing contest helps you meet some core requirements:

  • The writing contest provides students with the opportunity to produce an original piece of work that reflects their capacity for independent critical thought.
  • The contest is an activity that students will see as meaningful; one that challenges them to think creatively about a topic that directly impacts their lives – the meaning of home – and will ultimately improve their writing skills.

Incorporating the writing contest into your classroom is easy – in the Resources for Download section below you will find a Education Module, a Habitat for Humanity Canada fact sheet, and a classroom poster.

In addition to great learning-based prizes for the best entries, one of your students just might be the reason a new Habitat home is built.

Resources for Download

Education Module

Contest Poster

Habitat for Humanity Canada Fact Sheet
Habitat for Humanity Canada Fact Sheet