6e année




Welcome-Welcome, into me.
Do not hesitate as it is free.
Come and rest your lazy feet.
Closer and closer to the fire’s heat.

Have a quick look in the kitchen.
Or if you prefer eat up the chicken.
Fine for me if you wanna eat.
There is also a ton of meat.

The bedrooms you can’t miss.
It’s easy as giving a bedtime kiss.
On the beds you can lay.
“This house is great!” you will say.

Under the shower you will sing.
“Before I get out, the phone will ring”.
When you see your brother getting off the bus.
You quickly take the remote control or he’ll make a big fuss.

In he comes and takes the last cookie.
As usual there is none left for me.
Obiously he doesn’t offer one.
The next time I will surely run.

If you want to breathe fresh air in.
You can stroll through my fantastic garden.
Smell the flowers, grass and trees.
But still be careful of the bees.

The way out is here passing by.
“This house is perfect”! you will cry.
I hope to see you next time.
It’s easy as writing a poem that can rhyme.