Grade 5


Yuvraj’s meaning of home

Me and you live in a home. It’s where you get loved, it’s where you take your first steps. An home is full of memories. Your birthdays. Remember the day you turned double digits. I remember. What’s a house you ask? A house is a building.It’s not where you learn how to talk. It’s pretty obvious of what the difference of a house and a home are.

Do you ever wonder how people live on the streets? Or under a bridge.I do. Homeless people do not have a home. They live on the streets. It’s not safe for these homeless people. They don’t have a warm place to be. If you were homeless, I would give you a warm blanket as fluffy as a bunny. I would give you a warm hot chocolate, I would give you some warm food. But most importantly i would give you a big hug. You should help the 1.6 million people without homes. That is what homeless means to me.