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Yudhvir P. Meaning Of Home

I was riding back home in my Acura MDX with my parents and my little brother. I spotted my home out from my car`s window. A house is just a house bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms but a home is different, a home is what you call your house, your home has a place in your heart. Home is where you feel a sense of privacy. Home is where you are loved by all your family. Home holds your family and keeps it secure from storms, lightning, rain, snow and cold. Home is your shelter. Home is where you feel a sense of freedom. Home is your oasis in a city. Home is where you are most comfortable, and lastly home is where you feel safe. Me and my family open the milky white front door and the classicly decorated Living room welcomes us with a scent of the pumpkin candles that my mom just loves. I took a seat on the chocolaty brown sofa and start to watch Television. I get comfortable with some popcorn as I put on a movie and remind myself what home means to me.