Grade 6

Saint Laurent

Wonderful Home

Wonderful Home

My home is great for many things,
Especially because of the love my family brings.

My home is safe in many ways,
Which is perfect because I am here for many days,

Next I will tell you about my mothers delicious cooking,
Her tacos and pizza will have you salivating.

Now it is time for me to tell you about my room,
Which I sweep so well with a broom.

My bed is big, comfortable and cozy,
You will never want to leave it since it will keep you toasty.

As I am sure many of you know,
It is always nice to be home after a day in the snow.

I do my homework on the kitchen table,
And while I do it my parens tell me that I am capable.

My brother is in grade 4,
So I have to work a little more.

When it is my birthday my family visits,
And they all give me treats and gifts.

Even though I like to roam,
I know I can always find my way back home!