Grade 6

Charters settlement
New Brunswick

Why you should help

Why you should help
The first thing I hear when I step into my house is the creaking noise that my brass door hinges make as I step inside my home. Knowing that I’m safe I drop my book bag onto the floor,and if I feel flustered I can bury myself in my warm comfy blankets and pillows and fall soundly asleep.
When I don’t have mountains of homework I can play my video games or go outside and play with my friends. when I get home there’s always food on the table. When I’m done eating I can play video games with my friends.
The next day I have school to keep my occupied and distracted from the negative things in my life it soothes my mind and let’s me focus on something else, something productive. It’s a break from the real world with all this crime happening it’s nice to take a break from it all and focus my mind on what’s happening in school. To compete in school challenges and help others overcome their obstacles.
At school we have great teachers who help us with just about anything and when schools over we have buses provided to take us home. When I get home I go back to square one. The weekends we have so many things to do like go to a mini golf course visit relatives and everything in between there is so many ways that you can have so much fun.
The point is I and I’m sure you have plenty of things that help you get through the day easier and keep you entertained I have things like video games and a laptop, but some people don’t have any of the things you or I have some people don’t have a house or even a hint of shelter, some people don’t have money and some people don’t even have any education. when I see people like this on the streets I want to help I want to give them something or even anything better than living on the streets like a house, or a bed and breakfast anything better than sleeping on pavement and eating off scraps they find in a dumpster, so please, please stop and help whenever you see someone homeless. It’s the right thing to do.