Grade 4


Why My Home is Special

My home is an EXTRAORDINARY place! It’s the GREATEST place in the world because it’s a place to sleep, play, eat, drink and most importantly HAVE FUN! When I go to sleep I am so comfortable from the covers at night. In the winter when it’s cold out I sit by the fire place and relax and feel warmed and loved. I LOVE my house because we have been there for 8 years. I love my FANTASTIC house because in the summer on hot days we can jump in our cool pool and have a blast! My home is a MAGNIFICENT place because my extended family comes to celebrate FANTASTIC birthday parties, celebrations or gatherings. The also come over to see how we’re doing, what we’re up to and to see how school is going for us. In my home I feel safe and surrounded with love. I feel safe and loved because when ever I have a HORRIBLE dream I go to my parents room and sleep with them so I don’t feel FRIGHTENED. I love playing with my brother to see if he want s to play something. We always have fun and get exercise outside in the amazing nature of our EXTRAORDINARY home! Whenever I get hurt, my home has all the tools in it to fix me up. My home is like $1 000 000 000 000. My home is where I grow up and become a kid. It’s where I learn to read, walk and talk. It’s the place where I see my family it’s where I live and wake up to see my family every morning. It is the first thing I see every morning. My home is where all my memories happen. My home is shelter for my memories happen. My home is shelter for my family. I am really THANKFUL for all of my shelter especially when it’s raining or thundering and lightening, hailing, snowing and even burning hot. My home is what I LOVE! My home is the BEST place in the world!